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The Paragliding, also known as paragliding by its international name Parapente, is the newest and simplest form of individual gliding.


The paraglider is an invention of French climbers in the mid-1970s, wanting to descend the mountains faster than they climbed, they discovered this way of descending. In the mid-1980s this method evolved into what we all now know as Paragliding. Many steps have been taken since then and the evolution of the sport is incredible compared to the first decade of its existence.


Its aerodynamic design, combined with the weight of the pilot, give the wings characteristics that allow the pilot, taking advantage of the air flow in the mountains or the upward currents of the atmosphere, to make short flights,  at the beginning and later, when the experience increases, long-distance flights.


The training in Paragliding starts with the conquest of the Basic Level (SAFEpro-para-1 & 2) and then can be continued in three levels and leads to exams organized by EAP / ELAO for the respective levels of certification and licensing of operators.

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