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ELAO Profile-History

ELAO represents Greece in the World Air Sports Federation

The Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation is the highest air sports authority in Greece. Its operation is based on both the sports law 2725/99 as in force of today, and the law on private aviation 1127/72. It is a sports federation, recognized by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.

ELAO represents Greece in the World Air Sports Federation-FAI of which it is a member since 1931. ELAO is also a member of Europe Airsports , the European Gliding Union and the European Microlight Federation.





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  • The promotion of the Aviation and Air Sports message to the public.

  • The supervision, encouragement and promotion of Private Aviation and Air Sports.  

  • The cultivation of relations with the International Aeronautical Federation.


  • The monitoring of the international air and air traffic.

A Federation that sets
goals and flies high


Years of History


Club Members


Athletes of Club Members



The history of the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation begins in 1928 establishing the '' Central Air Sports Commission-KAE '' which belonged to the Ministry of Finance and was subsidized by the state. With technology in the field of Aviation constantly evolving and the reputation of the ''World Air Sports Federation- FAI'' spreading, it could not be without a positive response from the Greek public.

The remarkable thing was that ELAO showed a rich activity at a time when Air Sports in Greece were almost non-existent and the athletes were mainly pilots from Athens and Thessaloniki. However, its weakness was the registration as a member of  FAI, as the statute stipulated that only National Aeroclubs, which are a legal entity under private law and are not dependent on public services, could become members.

For this reason the founders of KAE together with Athens Aviation Union in were merged in 1931 under the name "Aeroclub of Greece-ALE" . In 1934, KAE was abolished and its responsibilities and property were transferred to ALE. It was determined that it is under the supervision of the Ministry of Aviation and was recognized as the Supreme Aviation Authority of Greece.


Three years later it was renamed "Royal Aeroclub of Greece - ALE-VALE" . That period with the high level of progress and activity, was followed by World War II which was a brake on the development of Air Sports for all countries. G. Themelis made efforts for recovery in 1959 while in 1972 it was decided to be under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Service of the Ministry of Transport and it was renamed "National Air Club of Greece-EALE" . With the responsibilities assigned to EALE, it undertook the supervision of all the Air Sports Clubs of Greece and the organization and participation in Air Sports competitions.

In 1985, it changed its legal form from a primary association, which in addition to club members it had individuals, to a secondary association with only club members. ELAE operated in this form until 1998 when it was transformed into a sports club with the change of statute and in 1999 it was recognized by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports as a Sports Federation. Since 2000 it participates in sports planning and is subsidized for its activities.

During all this time, the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the beginning and with the Ministry of Culture & Sports / General Secretariat of Sports later, established itself in the field of Air Sports and with its 91  member clubs took part in hundreds of competitions , organized four General Assemblies of FAI (1962, 1967, 1992 and 2007), participated in FAI Air Conferences and events and drafted all the regulations governing the operation of Air Sports.

Today. the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation hopes that with the help of all, it will meet the current challenges and lead Air Sports to new eras.

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