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Athletes of ELAO Member Clubs, upon presentation of their Air Sports Identity, receive the following discounts to the following companies and professionals:

  • MINOAN LINES. A 30% discount is offered on passenger and vehicle tickets on the lines Piraeus-Crete and Igoumenitsa-Brindezi and Igoumenitsa-Agona. Tickets are procured through the ELAO Secretariat. (more...)

  • SKYSERV HANDLING SERVICES. BASIC HANDLING price is offered: €25 + VAT at all Greek airports where the company operates while in Volos and Ioannina the price is: €15 + VAT for aircraft with MTOW up to 1.500 Kg. (ELAO agreement with SKYSERV HANDLING SERVICES )


  • PHANTEC AVIATION CP. A 10% discount is offered in all its items. ( more... )


  • FAS Pilot Academy. A price of 120 Euros is offered, including VAT, for the English Language Proficiency exams according to the requirements of EASA / PART FCL and ICAO. ( more ... )


  • ΑΜΕ HCAA Cardiologist Mr. Pylissas Konstantinos. An examination is offered for the medical health certificates Class 2, Class 3 and LAPL at a cost of 50 € and it will be accompanied with the Athlete's Health Card for free. For Air athletes that will only need the Athlete's Health Card, this test will be charged at the amount of 15 €. ( more ... )

Privileges of Greek Air Athletes of ELAO Members Clubs

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