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A few words about the sport


Aeromodelling is the construction and flight of small flying devices, which do not carry humans.  The first flying devices can be considered as models, while today they are still widely used in the testing of new ideas in aeronautics.


The aeromodeller should have a wide range of knowledge (physics, chemistry, engineering, aerodynamics), construction skills, imagination and ingenuity. These will help him in designing the various subsystems of a model.

The aeromodeller can design and build an entire model from scratch, or use ready-made parts, which can be the frame, the engine, the remote control system, the landing system, the driving system, etc.


Today, the most commercial category is ARF, as they require the least construction time. In this category, we supply a model "almost ready to fly", from which usually only the engine and the remote control system are missing.

When the aeromodeller is out of the initial stages of training, it is possible to engage in competitive aeromodelling.


The World Air Sports Federation ( FAI ) through the committee  CIAM , has established dozens of competitive categories, some quite popular, others not so much, but it is certain that anyone who would like to try competitive aeromodelling, has the opportunity to choose a category  of his interest


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