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Nikos Makrakis, Proedros ELAO

Welcome from the President of ELAO

Dear friends,

I would like to welcome all the Airathletes - both those who fly and those who would like to fly - to share with us, the joy and the challenge of doing Air Sports.

The Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation (ELAO) is a federation with a history of 93 years in the field of Air Sports and also in the transmission of the aviation idea. ELAO is responsible for the organization and control of championships and events held in Greece for all the air sports that are cultivated in our country, such as Aeromodelling, Hang-Gliding, Gliding, Paragliding, Ballooning, General Aviation, Motorcraft and Microlights & Paramotors.

At the moment, the club members of ELAO are 93 and their members exceed the number of 3.000.

ELAO represents Greece in the World Air Sports Federation - FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale). We are also members of Europe Airsports , the European Gliding Union and the European Microlight Federation . In April 1999 ,  ELAO was recognized by the the Greek General Secretariat of Sports as an official sports federation and participates in the wider sports planning of our country.

Our vision is a strong federation with capable executives who will support the Air Athletes, so that together we can achieve good results both at the level of national teams and individually.


Our goal , apart from participation, is to claim and organize major air competitions in all Air Sports both at a European and World level, in the coming years.

Feel free to explore the world of Air Sports, and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please contact us.



Let's fly together!


Nikos Makrakis

President of the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation

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