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Alexander Onassis Airshow 2021, Kythira State Airport, 16/9/2021-19/9/2021

In 2021, the airport of Kythira ''Alexandros Aristotelis Onassis'' completed 50 years of operation. In particular, on 20/12/2021, exactly 50 years were completed, from the first landing on the dirt runway at that time, the legendary Skyvan of the Olympic Aviation, "Mykonos Island", with SX-BBN registration.

In the context of the anniversary celebrations for the State Airport of Kythira, with the initiative of the airport manager Mr. Stavros Paizanos and with the cooperation of the Municipality of Kythira as well as with sponsorships of the local authorities and hotel managers of the island, EL.A.O. participated in a series of events under the general name ALEXANDER ONASSIS AIR SHOW 2021 from 16/9/2021 to 19/9/2021.

During the ALEXANDER ONASSIS AIR SHOW 2021 there were flights with balloon, paragliding, gliding, light and microlight aircrafts, paramotor and skydiving, all with the participation of the crowd.

110 Air Athletes of ELAO , from 7 different air sports and 32 light and micro light aircrafts took part at the event. Of particular interest were the presentation of modelling activities to Primary School students and the donation of 250 handmade free flight models to them, as well as the demonstrative flights of aeromodelling at the airport.

The public arrived at the airport, strictly keeping all the protection measures against the pandemic and enjoyed the Air Show and the flights of model planes and light and microlight aircrafts. A special impression was made by the free fall with a huge Greek flag of the skydiver and Vice President of ELAO, Ms. Kampurova Maria and her landing at the airport.

The Commander of the Greek Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. George I. Dritsakos attended and honored with his presence the closing ceremony of the ALEXANDER ONASSIS AIR SHOW 2021 which took place at the airport on 19/9/2021.

On behalf of the family of the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation, we express our gratitude for the hospitality to the Airport Manager and the staff of the airport, to the Municipality of Kythira and to all the local bodies that helped in the realization of this event.


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