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After the successful events of the past years, which aimed to revive the air camps of the 1950-60s, which were held at the Tripoli Air Base with the main purpose of spreading the Aviation Idea and the spread of Air Sports, for another year and with helper of the Air Force and ardent supporter of Mr. GEA Chief, we will once again organize this year the 6th Week of the Air Athlete/Air Sports/Aeronautical Idea at the KEDA of the A/D Tympakio of Crete.

This aviation event will take place from August 24 to September 7, 2023 and will give us all the opportunity to live an unrepeatable experience in an aviation environment next to the sea.

All members of our clubs, all air athletes, and if they wish, their family members have the right to participate, but they should make sure to register through their clubs.

Because the order of priority will be strictly observed, we ask the secretariats of the associations to help those interested to register their participation in time and directly to EL.A.O ( because the demand may be much greater than the number of 5 + 1 disabled, family quadruple rooms available.

Those who stay in rooms outside the KEDA will be able to use the facilities of the KEDA if they declare it.


Those who wish can come by flying means of their associations by declaring in time:

⦁ the registration of their aircraft

⦁ passengers (Name and ID number)

⦁ date of arrival and departure


It can be done by using the ferry service between Heraklion and Piraeus.

Until now, special discounts to ELAO are not provided as in previous years. Of course, the relevant actions have been taken and if there is any positive development, the interested parties will be notified in time.

Information Ms. Eleni 210‐9649788 and 6982120621 office hours of EL.A.O


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