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The Hellenic Aeronautical & Airsports Federation, in collaboration with the National Sports Training Center of Olympic Village, is organizing on Sunday 18/6/2023 as part of #BeActive a big event called "Daedalus & Ikaros, Parents and Children"

For the first time, children of all ages together with their parents will have the opportunity to see up close and learn the secrets of building and flying small model airplanes!

Aeromodelling is a sport for everyone, a creative pursuit, an educational innovation and a leisure activity that can lead to championships and high performance! Parents and children will be inspired and motivated to become "fellow athletes!" and to include in their daily life, regardless of previous experience or physical condition, a new sports activity that can only have benefits!!!

For a whole day, young and old will get to know aerobatic athletes, they will enjoy the presentations of all forms of aeromodels, airplanes, gliders, drones, etc., both as a sport and as a hobby, and they will be impressed by the flight demonstrations by experienced operators/aeroathletes of the Hellenic Air Sports Federation!

During the event, there will be workshops for the construction of a small free flight model aircraft, lasting one hour.

Be there!

Hours 10.30 - 19.00

Free entrance


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