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ELAO Summer Camp 2019, 7-17/6/2019

On behalf of ELAO, a big thank you to the Air Force and to KEDA Tympakiou for hosting the Week of Air athlete, Air Sports, and Aviation Idea 2019 which took place between 7-17 /6/2019 at the facilities of KEDA Tympakiou in Tympaki Airport .

A total of 90 air athletes from 17 Greek aeroclub members of ELAO took part:

1. Athens Aeroclub

2. Araksos Aeroclub

3. Attica Aeroclub

4. Edessa Aeroclub

5. Souda Aeroclub

6. Flying Force of Chania

7. Aeroclub of Malia

8. Air Association of Giannitsa

9. Air Sports Cultural Centre Pegasus Chakikidis

10. West Athens Aeroclub

11. Ikaros Aeroclub

12. Athens Hang-Gliding Union

13. Styga Aeroclub of Kalavryta

14. Hellenic Sports Aviation

15. Α.Ο.Thebes

16. Serres Aeroclub

17. TALOS Heraklion Aeroclub

as well as 2 Aero Clubs of the Cyprus Air Sports Federation:

1. Limassol Aeroclub

2. Larnaca Aeroclub

The participating means were 15 aircrafts, a Minimum, and a balloon while there were flights with model airplanes and Paramotor.

There were also 4 workshops with topics:

1. Flight Safety Aviation

2. Medicine and Nutrition

3. DRONE, Regulations & presentation

4. Flight to Freedom, Daedalus-Icarus


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