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ELAO SUMMER CAMP 2021, Week of Air Athlete, Air Sports & Aviation Idea, Τympaki, 27/8-9/9

After the successful events of the previous years 2018, 2019, 2020, for one more year and with the help of the Air Force and the strong supporter, Mr. Chief of Hellenic Air Force, we will organize the Week of the Athlete / Air Sports / Aviation Idea at KEDA Tympakiou, Crete.

The air sports event will take place from August 27 (day of arrival) to September 9, 2021 (day of departure) and will enable us all to live an unforgettable experience in an air environment by the sea.

All members of our clubs, all air athletes and, if the wish, all members of their families have the right to participate.

All interested parties and their accompanying persons should register through their club which will then send to, the attached excel file with the registration applications. The file consists of 3 sheets.Please return the form tin the same format (excel):

  • The first sheet is the General Form of Participation-Accommodation.

  • The second sheet is completed in addition to the general form for those who will travel with ANEK Lines.

  • The third sheet is completed in addition to the general form for those who will travel by plane.

As an order of priority will be strictly kept, we ask the secretariats of the club members to help the interested parties to register in time because the demand may be much higher than the number of available rooms.

Estimated cost per person for all days, ie accommodation and food, is about 100-120 euros.


Those who want to come by aircrafts of their club members must provide in time all the data mentioned in the excel file including:

  • Register number of the aircraft

  • Passengers (Name and ID number)

  • Dates of arrival and departure


It can be done by using the ferry transport between Heraklion and Piraeus .Once the tickets are booked through ELAO, our agreement with ANEK - BLUE STAR FERRIES will be implemented and you will have a 30% discount for both cabin tickets (except lux and single cabs) and for vehicles (IX and Van) length up to 7 meters.

Information: For further information you can contact the secretariat of ELAO at and at the number +30 210-9649788 (Monday-Friday 09.30-15.00)

Ενημερωτικό Summer Camp 2021
Download PDF • 297KB

Δήλωση Συμμετοχής Summer Camp 2021
Download XLSX • 18KB


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