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Information for the submission of applications of sports clubs in the Register for 2021

Dear friends,

We would like to inform you that, based on the Ministerial Decision 398989 (Government Gazette 3920B / 25-8-2021), which you will find attached, September 30, 2021 is set as the final date for submission of completed applications for the Register for 2021 . An extension of one month was given. This deadline concerns the obligation for all sports clubs (registered and unregistered) to submit new completed applications for Register for 2021.

We remind you that the non-submission of the new application until 30/9/2021 will lead to the automatic deletion of the club from the Register. Please meet the deadline as announced by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.

We would also like to inform you that since May the GGA has requested and received from all sports federations the results of competitions for the last 3 years. In order for a club to declare that it is active in a sport, among other things, it must have participation in competitions, which is the only criterion that the GGA takes into account. This clarification is made because in many clubs the submitted application has not been accepted for this reason. In this case the sport for which there are no entries in competitions, should be removed from the application.

Do not forget to send us in addition to the club bulletin with the updated data and the report of the supervisory commission in which the appointment of a lawyer by the relevant bar association will be visible, if the appointments have been made after 11/22/2019. The GGA may cross-check the details of the club members with ELAO. Appointments are now made in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law which prevails over the provisions of the Articles of Association.

From the secretariat of ELAO

Download the Government Gazette 3920B / 25-8-2021:

Download PDF • 293KB


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