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Opening of new ELAO Offices, 27/1/2019

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, the opening of the new offices of the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation (ELAO) took place in Tatoi, at the Dekelia Air Base, while, at the same time, its Board of Directors cut the New Year's pie, in the presence of many members of air sports clubs and friends, from different parts of the country.

The event was honored by the presence of the representative of the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Nikolaos Trevlakis, the Vice President of ANEL Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis and the representative of the Chief of the Hellenic Air Force Mr. Miltiadis Fakitsas.

A special presence, who stole the show and gave color to this important event, was the air athlete Mr. Petinis Vassilis, with his balloon, which was put in the space next to the new offices of ELAO and everyone had the opportunity to see it up close and even to enter it. Another important presence was the skydiving instructor and Vice President of ELAO Mrs. Lykaki-Kamburova Maria, who started the free fall from a height of 5,000ft and landed accurately on the event's site. At the same time she "flew" and waved a huge Greek flag of 64 m2-fixed to her foot- over the attendees !

The finding of the new and, now, permanent base of the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation is a very important development in the long journey of ELAO and was achieved after many months of action of its President, Mr. Makrakis Nikos, who found helpers and supporters in this effort, from the political sphere but also from the Air Force.

In conclusion, after 91 years and many location changes, ELAO found itself in its natural space: it is permanently located in an autonomous new building, right next to the Athens Air Sports Center (AKA), and from this new base it will continue, with its remarkable human resources, to attempt the administration, promotion and development of Greek Air Sports!


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