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The President of ELAO made an official visit to AEROCLUB OF ROMANIA

Official visit to AEROLESCHI ROMANIAS-AEROCLUB OF ROMANIA and to the President George ROTARU in Bucharest, at Clinceni Airport, was made by the President of ELAO Nikos MAKRAKIS on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

The President of ELAO received special hospitality since AEROLESCHI ROMANIAS sent a car, picked up the President of ELAO from the hotel and drove him to the meeting point at Clinceni airport where they made a local flight in the area. Clinceni is a jewel airport with huge new hangars and 75 aircraft managed by the Aeroclub of România.

The Aeroclub of Romania with its 15 member Aeroclubs and 278 staff throughout the country manages Romanian Aerosports at the national level. All staff are appointed. All airclubs in Romania are managed by commanders and all airclub airports have dining and sleeping areas.

Up to 1,000 young people aged 16-23 a year receive free training in gliders, ultralights, general aviation, parachutes, etc. The state grant is in the order of €20,000,000 plus the revenue generated by the aeronautical training schools for people over 23 years as well as the revenue from addiction flights. Jet fuel is tax free. The result of all the above is the very good performance at the competitive level, but also the flowering of air sports.

Matters of common interest as well as future cooperation plans were discussed between the 2 Presidents. Next meeting in Athens and Tatoi!


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